The 12 Pentagons that touch the Sphere,
is known as the Dodecahedron, the ancient 5th Element of Spirit or Ether.
It is so highly regarded for several reasons:

1- at each node or vertex where 3 Pentagons touch the Sphere
there is a harmonious mathematical relationship announced in Space.
To give this node a name, mathematicians call it (5-5-5) or the 555 Code.

2- There also exists an unusual Penta-Hexa relationship,
meaning that from this essential 5-ness, emerges a 6-ness,
can you see how the extrapolated or extended geometries
form the Star of David or 6-pointed star!
This critical angular shift from 5 to 6 is called secret Masonic Knowledge,
and can not be disclosed now, until your Heart is Pure.

Jain 108