SATOR SQUARE: Magic Square of Letters:
Derived from Pater Noster

There exists a group of anagrams of supposed occult significance, based on the 4 letters of the word “TAROT”.

They read ROTA TARO ORAT TORA ATOR which is a bastard mixture of Latin, French, Hebrew and Egyptian,

where the words mean:

Rota = the wheel or cycle

Taro = the Tarot or Book Of Thoth

Orat = to Speak or Teach

Tora = the Torah or Law

Ator = Hathor, the Goddess of Love.

When stringed all together, it means:

The Wheel of Tarot Speaks the Law Of Love.

These cryptic 4 Letters of T-O-R-A are visible on the Wheel of Fortune, the 10th Tarot Card from the 22 possible Major Arcana.

Some scholars belittle this clever play of words because it is not a Palindrome, meaning it does not read the same as it does forward like the famous quintet and magic square based on Letters:


which is an early Christian or possibly Mithraic charm which is at once a palindrome, a «magic square» (reads the same in columns as in rows) and a charm built entirely from the letters of “PATER NOSTER,” or «Our Father.»

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