The Fibonacci series seems to predict the number 64 of vedic dimensions:
Jess Tauber pointed out that we must double the numbers. I say this is because each dimension has two directions,,16,26,42,68…
So the first 2 is how we perceive the world
The second 2 are the dimensions of surface
The 4 are the dimensions of spacetime
The 6 are dimensions of compactified space that I call CYMs
The 10 are the dimensions of super-string theory of the universe
The 16 are the dimensions of the Metaverse, a collection of all universes
The 26,42 and 68 are the dimensions of 3 higher spiritual realms

However, the doubled Fibonacci numbers appear to be the total number of dimensions up to each level, often called planes in mysticism So to get the actual number of dimensions in each level, we must difference the numbers:
0,2,2,4,6,10,16, 26…which adds up to 66.

We can get 64 with the very first assumption that the first 2 is how we perceive the world and therefore should not count as a real dimension..

Fibonacci number — Wikipedia

In mathematics, the Fibonacci numbers, commonly denoted Fn form a sequence, called the Fibonacci sequence, such that each number is the sum of the two preceding ones, starting from 0 and 1. That is,[1]