This is an assymetric model that does not honor Aspect theory. There are whole steps between most Signs, half steps, between some, and minor thirds between others! The Virgo-Capricorn Earth Trine is a Major Third (C to G), while the Capricorn-Taurus Earth Trine is a Minor Third (G to Bb) and the Taurus-Virgo Earth Trine is a 6th (Eb to C). What????? Jain, this would echo a seed of life that is entirely asymmetric and disturbed.

A half step between each sign is a much better fit. This makes the Square a Minor Third, the Trine a Major Third, and the Opposition a Tritone for EVERY Sign. The two polarities (Grand Sextiles) are the two whole tone scales, the four elements (Grand Trines) are the four augmented triads, and the three modalities are the three diminished 7th groups.

I map half steps from Aries at A. Many map half steps from Aries at C. Another model that works is ascending it descending through the circle of 5ths / 4ths.

Whichever you use, it must be symmetric like the Tropical and Sidereal Zodiacs.