In the temple Angkor Wat area, Cambodia, there are
numerous references to the number 108, which plays a significant role in the symbolism of the structure.

Angkor Wat incorporates the numbers 54, 108 and 540, in its planning, architecture and engineering.
Angkor was laid out for both practical transportation and for honor to celestial deities.

The city has a diameter of about two miles, and was surrounded by a moat with five bridges. It has five gates, and to each of them leads an avenue, bridging over that water ditch which surrounds the whole
civic area on a flat plane. A row of huge stone figures, 108 per avenue, 54 on each side, a total of 540 statues of the Indo-Aryan deities Deva and Asura, border each of these roads, and each row carries a huge Naga serpent with nine heads.

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