«phi in the Vesica Piscis Finally Revealed»

A lot of mathematicians over the decades, have celebrated the depth of knowledge contained within the Vesica Piscis. Of particular interest,
and one aspect that has been overlooked is detecting where the
golden section (Phi) resides within the Vesica Piscis, The Mother Of All Form.
Well here it is!
We know that the Vesica is formed from the 2 intersecting circles,
where each circle goes through the heart or centre of the other, (this is how The Flower of Life pattern is created),
but when you add the mystical 3rd component, the 3rd circle, the Magic of the Trinity,
you get phi (.618 aka Phi minus 1, shown in yellow text).
(nb: Phi = 1.618… and phi = .618…)
This 3rd Circle, shown shaded, needed to have its radius touching the significant points
of the Double Unit Square, whose diagonal is Root 5 (shown in blue text and lines).
Root 2 is merely the diagonal of 1 Unit Square.
Root 5 is merely the diagonal of the Double Unit Square.
Root 3 is the vertical distance touching the 2 intersecting circles (see brown line and text).
And welcome to phi in the Vesica, the container of all sacred proportions.

Jain 108

Image ~ Thanks to Don E Mitchell who drew this in 2010.