Across all spectrums of existence,
that which is eternal or universal,
is that which we call «Proportion».
Certain proportions fit like a hand in a glove,
not too tight, not too loose,
it is the perfection of nesting wavelengths,
it is the Golden Ratio 21:34.
This Phi Ratio is evident in any of the 5 arms of the Pentacle,
and is known as a Golden Triangle or Phi Triangle,
having base angles of 72 degrees and an apex angle of 36 degrees.
When this sacred Isosceles Triangle (because 2 sides are of the same length)
has a base length of 1 unit, the 2 sloping longer sides are 1.618… units long,
that is the ratio of 1:1.618… or 1:Phi or 1: ϕ.
Using these proportions of the Pine Cone 8:13 or the Sunflower 21:34
makes this one of the most Beautiful triangles known to us,
since Phi is essentially the Mathematics of Beauty and Elegance.

Jain 108