Pi Based On Phi aka PhiPi

Pi is the Mystery into the Mathematics of Creation.
It is the relationship of the Unit Square to its Circle,
the connection between the Square’s boundary of 4 Units
and the Circle’s circumference of 3.14…
All of today’s achievements in Technology
is credited to the mathematics of engineering,
wherever we encounter the presence of circles, cogs, wheels, cylinders, motors, electronics and pistons…
all depend on Pi.
2,000 years ago, when Pi was calculated as the division of 22 by 7 (22/7)
it was only an estimate.
Today, no mathematician can actually show that Pi = 3.141… to as many billions of digits that follow,
there is no proof of their handiwork, meaning it is not shareable, not logical, built upon errors.
The one thing we know, is that Pi must be based on Phi, the Living Maths of Nature,
the Golden Measure 1.618033… and when this is done,
the perimeter of the unit square being 4,
when divided by the height of the Giseh pyramid being 1.272… (the Golden Root)
gives the true value of Pi 3.144605511029693144… aka JainPi.
Of course this value contradicts the traditional and deficient value of pi 3.141…
an small error in the 3rd decimal or .003 or 3 in a thousand which is great,
and of course most mathematicians will refuse to accept JainPi with great rage,
they will debate it, quibble over it, curse it, refute it, challenge it
and of course, they will see come to learn of their ancient error
and conclude that of course, Pi based on Phi aka PhiPi is indeed 3.144…

Jain 108.

(for a 10 page summary of JainPi and its proof,
entitled «Is Pi A Lie?» go to this link