Morula. 512 Cell Division
At 512 cell division, technically known as the Morula, the spherical Geometry of mitotic Life morphs into a ring called The Tube Torus Doughnut. It can turn itself inside-out obeying the 2 primal directions of centripetal Suction Towards The Centre called Implosion or literally Getting Sucked In, then there is the opposite centrifugal direction called Explosion or, literally getting Spat Out. Jain believes that the traditional model of the 6 Directions (North, South, East, West, Nadir the below and Zenith the above) can be replaced by the more efficient model based on the Two Directions. This is what Sacred Geometry teaches: There is only The In and The Out.
Jain 108
(image courtesy of Veronika Sheik aka Vero369, filmed and photographed in Munich, 2018.
We are planning another tour there in May of 2019).