‘Twisting Water Tornado as the Powers of Phi.’

‘Really, what is the translation, in physical terms, of this mathematical vorticity? It’s simple, it’s about “getting sucked in” or movement towards the center, towards the heart …’

‘The secret of water, is not only that it means LIQUID LIGHT (In Hebrew, the word for water is a compound word, that is, being made up of two parts or words:
first part is “MEM” = Water, and
second part is “ORI” = Light,
thus water = memory, liquid light ….’

‘ … Let us preserve the purity of all our flowing and non- flowing creeks, lakes, rivers and streams, as they are no different than the blood that runs through our veins, just like the Amazon Forest is the lungs of Mother Earth, Water is the anatomical lymph system.
Water is our Mother …’
‘… WATER is element of divine creation, it is our Life. ‘

Jain 108

Image ~ http://kittyxc.deviantart.com/art/Water-Tornado-186349962