When a spherical bubble is being sunctionned, and is on the verge ready to burst,
its strategy to survive is to form a soccer-ball like shape that has 12 pentagonal faces.
This is because all the newly formed edges are in a Phi relationship to the original radius of the sphere.
This 8:13 ratio is the Mathematics of Beauty and Compression,
a highly intelligent coding underpinning all templates of form.

So special is this shape, the Pythagorean School of Geometry 2,500 years ago
made all disciples and students declare all their oaths upon the sanctity of this Dodecahedral form,
as if it were their bible.
Of the 5 Elements, Dodeca assumed the element of Spirit or Ether,
as if it were an alchemical combination of the other four:
fire, earth, air and water.

Jain 108

Image Credit ~ Rafael Araujo